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Jurassic World Dinosaur Field Guide is a child-friendly non-fiction guide that uses simple text to describe over 100 dinosaurs. It's basically a rewrite of the 2001 Jurassic Park Dinosaur Field Guide. The book was created by the same authors as the previous dino guide, with paleontologists and Dr. Michael Brett-Surman as writers, and as illustrator. The book is published by Books for Young Readers.

Dinosaur List

Changes with the original

  • The dates on timelines, at the bottom of most pages, is updated. The start of the Triassic Period is set at 252 million years ago (mya), instead of 251 mya. The Jurassic starts at 201 mya, instead of 200 mya. The Cretaceous starts at 145 mya and ends 66 mya, instead of 144 untill 65 mya.
  • Anatotitan is replaced by Edmontosaurus.
  • Chirostenotes is scrapped and replaced by Anzu.
  • Theropods have non-pronated hands.
  • The time ime period of Jobaria was changed from Cretaceous to Jurassic.
  • Othnielia is renamed to .
  • Archaeoceratos is renamed to Archaeoceratops.
  • Psittacosaurus and small theropods are portrayed with feathers.
  • Spinosaurus is described and portrayed as a semi-aquatic animal with a more horizontal posture.
  • The "Take Two!" sections, boxes that commented on the animal's appearance in the films are removed or very reduced. There are sections called "The Creatures of Jurassic World!" which only mention that the animal appears in Jurassic World. Often, these sections appear not on the pages that discuss the animal in question, but randomly throughout.
  • The font on the poster is changed. The name "Shuvuuia" is more readable now.



  • The book is appropriate for ages 8 and up.
  • The Dinosaur Field Guide also includes a pull-out dinosaur poster.
  • Many animals that appear in Jurassic World were not included in this book.
  • It should be noted that since this book is non-fiction, its portrayals of certain dinosaurs may not accurately reflect the ones seen in the films, as those dinosaurs were created by InGen.

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  • page about the book.
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